bio economic system mainly includes three parts: Bio economic theory, biological economy model, biological economy industry. The first part is Bioeconomic theory. Dr. Pan Aihua first proposed the concept of biological economics in the world in 1995. In November 2003, he published a scientific paper entitled "DNA double helix will bring human beings into the biological century", and established the theory of biological economy. Mainly includes the following ten major theories: Bio economics, new economic capital, economic restructuring theory, genetics, bio medical model, the stock market life information carrier theory, three yuan of social management theory, genetics, asymmetric information theory, the theory of state company. The second part of the bio economic model (biological economy +). Dr. Pan Aihua created a new economic model in bio economy theory to guide the creation of the environment, including Bio economic community, biological economy incubator, forest health care, edible plant management norms, good health management practices (GHP), biological biological experiment financial supermarket, supermarket, big industry, edible plants, management norms happiness pension community ten bio economic model. The third part of the bio economic industry.

bio economy industry (Weiming group can be called the third generation bio industry, BI3) different from the biological industry, it is in the guidance of bio economic theory, using the bio economic model, the big industry, big market, big financial integration collaborative industry formation and development. The big industry (which can be regarded as the second generation of biological industry, BI2) is the core content of the bio economic industry. The big industry has three characteristics: one is the bio industry as the core and the two is the modern science and technology applied to the biological industry; the three is the integration of the first, second and third industries. Bio Industry (the first generation bio industry, BI1) is a key part of the industry, including bio medicine, bio agriculture, bio energy, bio environmental, biological and biological services made six major areas of the United States, the European Union, Germany; and the OECD issued the relevant bio economic development strategy, although the use of Bioeconomy (biology economy) a word, but the substance refers to the biological industry (the first generation bio industry, BI1), and the Bio Industry and Dr Pan Aihua proposed biological economy concept is completely different. Dr. Pan Aihua's concept of bio economy is to study the new economic theories and new economic models produced by the economic society by applying the viewpoints and methods of life sciences and medicine. Weiminghu group is development of the biological industry (the third generation bio industry, BI3), so, in terms of Weiming group of bio economic development in the world in a way ahead position. In summary, China first proposed the concept of bio economy in the world, Weiming group took the lead in the world to build biological economy system, has become the world's bio economic source. We have reason to believe that mankind will enter the era of bio economy in 2020. China will make great progress in the era of bio economy. The biological economy will help China dream come true.

Three connotations of biological economy

Bioeconomics is different from Bioeconomics. The narrow sense of biological economy is based on the research and development of life sciences and biotechnology, and based on technology and industry. The connotation of generalized bio economy should include the following three aspects: first, is the life science and biological technology development and application of the foundation, established on the basis of biotechnology products economy; second, due to the biological events (mainly refers to the plague, bioterrorism and biological warfare) caused by the change of the economy; third, built in the basis for life science and medicine method of economic theory, economic model on economy.