Dr. Pan Aihua in 1984 graduated from Xiangya Medical College with a bachelor's degree in medicine, graduated in 1989 China Research Institute of space medicine engineering master's degree in aerospace medicine, 1991 graduated from the Peking University with a PhD in biochemistry. In 1995, Pan Aihua, a professor of biology at Peking University, was specially approved by Professor Xiao Zhuoji, a famous economist. He studied for second doctoral degrees in political economics of Peking University. The field of basic medicine, clinical medicine, aerospace medicine, biochemistry and other extensive knowledge and profound academic foundation based on the background, he in 1995 for the first time in the world put forward the concept of bio economy, and in 2003 published the relevant biological economic theory of scientific papers, founded the bio economic theory. Bio economic theory mainly includes the following ten major theories: Bio economics, new economic capital, economic restructuring theory, genetics, bio medical model, the stock market life information carrier theory, three yuan of social management theory, genetics, asymmetric information theory and national theory.

Dr. Pan Aihua is not only a strong advocate of Bioeconomics, but has been a leader in the era of bio economy after more than 20 years of theoretical exploration and practice. As a result of the pioneering work and outstanding contribution to the biological economy, Dr. Pan Aihua is known as the "father of biological economy".

In 2003, Dr. Pan Aihua published in the Journal of Peking University Natural Science Edition: DNA double helix will bring human beings into the biological Century (2003, volume thirty-ninth, sixth issue).

  • Dr. Pan Aihua and Ph. D., Professor Shen Tong

  • Dr. Pan Aihua and Ph. D., Professor Xiao Zhuoji

  • Pan Aihua received a doctorate in biochemistry from Peking University in 1991

  • Dr. Pan Aihua at Peking University Weiming Lake