human exploration and research is unable to see the true colors of the world on the basis of one-sided viewpoint. Modern science and technology more and more provide people with a comprehensive understanding of the world "eyes". The bio economic system will give the world a pair of eyes for human beings: to achieve the goal of life deciding capital by means of capital control of the world, and to prove that genes dominate the essence of life.

In 2020, human beings will enter the age of biological economy, and the biological economic system is the basic feature and guarantee of the age of biological economy. The establishment of bio economic theory under the guidance of bio economic model will provide new ideas for human economic and social development, bio economic industry will solve the seven problems faced by mankind (population, health, food, environment, energy, marine and bio safety) provides a new method, finally found the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation on the road, the road the innovation of the world economic development, human peace and the road of sustainable development.