culture is productivity, culture is a new economy. Culture is to the enterprise, like the soil to the trees, and if there is no soil, the trees will wither. The enterprise culture is the soul of the enterprise, and it is the inexhaustible motive force to promote the development of the enterprise. Weiming group from its inception has been attached importance to the study and construction of enterprise culture. After more than 20 years of theoretical exploration and operation, has gradually developed a Weiminghu unique corporate culture and management system.


The theory of management information asymmetry

management is a science to study the relationship between managers and managers. Because managers and managers are human beings, the best goal of management is to deal with the relationship between good people and people. To maximize the satisfaction of managers is the highest level of management. There are three big demand and three pursuit, who is a senior animal, three animal instinct -- have appetite, libido, self-defense, or animal needs; who is a senior animal special, in addition to animal feeling, also have the perception, generated by the perceived demand is reason of demand is animal the three instinct to higher levels of demand, is a measurable demand, such as objectives, marriage and family, political democracy; spiritual needs is the rational demand on higher, which is the highest level of demand, the demand is not quantifiable, such as love, faith and delicacy. The similarities and differences between people's needs and pursuits, needs and pursuits are that people's needs are objective, but demand is not always pursued. Most of the real life (more than 90%) exist simultaneously. The management theory of asymmetric information is the information asymmetry problem always exists between the viewpoint and the method of application of life science and medicine to solve the managers and administrators, as much as possible to meet the managers of the pursuit, and fully mobilize the people's initiative and potential, to achieve the goal of managers.

Require employees to do three things well

dream:Have a dream of life

Sing songs:"The international song" and "the People's Republic of China National Anthem"

Remember:There was never a savior, or an Immortal Emperor. To create human happiness,
All by ourselves! (to have the spirit of autonomy)
The Internationale must realize (have faith)