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group created the world's first Weiminghu biological economy system. The biological economic system mainly includes three aspects: the bio economic theory, the biological economy model and the bio economic industry. Bio economic theory mainly includes ten theories: Bio economics, new economic capital, economic restructuring theory, genetics, bio medical model, the stock market life information carrier theory, three yuan of social management theory, genetics, asymmetric information theory, the theory of state company. Bioeconomic mode is a new economic mode created under the guidance of bio economic theory, including Bioeconomic community, Bioeconomic incubator, good health management standard (GHP). Bioeconomic industry is different from biological industry. It is a kind of industry formed by synergistic development of big industry, big market and big finance under the guidance of Bioeconomic theory. The big industry has three characteristics: one is the bio industry as the core and the two is the modern science and technology applied to the biological industry; the three is the integration of the first, second and third industries.

Weiminghu group in the more than 20 years of development, always looking for opportunities in the process of solving problems in development, benefit in innovation, created the concept of innovation, system innovation, technological innovation, product innovation, market innovation, management innovation, six innovation system, formed a series of unique development ideas. Especially in Dr Pan Aihua's "new capital" guidance, formulated the "through the method of capital control in the world, to achieve the purpose of capital life decisions, strategic thinking that genes control the true meaning of life", which laid a solid foundation for the realization of the strategic goal of "exploring the road of national rejuvenation, explore the world economic development and innovation the road of human peace and explore the road of sustainable development. And with "life capital" as the enterprise conviction, to strengthen top-level design platform, integration of resources, leading the development, explore a lot of effective and unique mode of operation in practice, gradually implement the use of a product to start a market development, a company with a market advantage to create a base of an enterprise, with a base to promote a "industry operation mode, create a feasible and unusual enterprise development road.

  • 01Unique corporate beliefs

    "New capital", founded by Dr. Pan Aihua, by Dr. Pan Aihua, is the core idea of "capital control of the world, life determines capital, and gene dominates life". In the new period of development, Weiming group to "life capital" as the enterprise conviction, to lead the people to return to nature in the pursuit of economic development, return to "people-oriented", return to the essence of life.

  • 02Unique mode of operation

    Weiming group always adhere to their own dreams and faith, to bio economic theory as a guide in practice explored many effective and unique mode of operation: intangible assets tangible circulation, open chain operation ring, bio economic development mode, this mode of development can not harm self-interest, without sacrificing the environment with economic development, work and life perfect.

  • 03Unique operating mode

    Weiming group has always adhered to seek opportunities in the process of solving problems in development, benefit in innovation, efforts to strengthen top-level design platform, integration of resources, leading the development of the gradual implementation of "the use of a product to start a market, with a market development of an enterprise, by creating a a base of an enterprise, with a base to promote a" industry operation mode.

Weiminghu group has always been the industrial development as the fundamental cornerstone of the company, after 20 years of development, now the construction of the Beijing City, Xiamen Beijing University Biological Beijing University Biological Park, Hefei, Baoding Bantang biological economy experimentation area Tongtianhe bio economic demonstration zone, Beidaihe Weiming international health Cannes, Changsha Weiminghu Frontier Science and Technology Park, Changchun Weiming biological economy demonstration area such a beautiful environment, convenient transportation and superior natural conditions of the industrial base. Especially from 2013 onwards to the construction of several hundred billion industrial park, has built and is building a qianyiji industrial park include: Hefei Weiminghu Bantang biomedical industry park, Baoding Tianhe Weiming biological economy industrial park, Beidaihe, health industrial park. The total building area of the three big industrial parks is more than 3 million square meters. The plan was completed and put into production in 2020, and the target of the annual output value of 100 billion was reached in 2030. And the world's leading core technology in six major areas of focus on the development of the group, such as the new highway (new efficient R & D system), CAR-T technology, molecular breeding technology, biological intelligence technology (artificial intelligence and natural intelligence AI NI), pyrolysis purification technology, cellulosic ethanol production technology; biological and biological financial supermarket experimental supermarket scale; the establishment of a professional knowledge and occupation, and a reasonable age structure of high level talents team. All these have laid a solid industrial foundation for the realization of the group's strategic objectives.

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