About Us
Weiminghu group aims to build biological economy system, to build a bio economic flagship. The biological economic system includes three parts of the biological economy theory, the biological economy model and the biological economy industry. Bio economic industry refers to the guidance of bio economy theory, using the bio economic model, the industry and the financial market integration, collaborative formation and development of the industry; industry refers to the biotechnology industry as the core of modern science and technology used in the biotechnology industry, realize the cooperative formation and development of the three industry and one or two industry; biological industry include making bio medicine, bio agriculture, bio energy, bio environmental, biological, biological intelligence service. Weiminghu above group focused on six major areas of investment in biotechnology industry.

Three characteristics of biological economy

  • 不损他人实现利己

    Self-benefit without harm to others

  • 依靠生态发展经济

    Economy development without harm to environment

  • 工作过程享受生活

    Harmonious work-life combination

Investment field

  • medicine

  • Agriculture

  • energy

  • protection

  • Made

  • service


Establishing a health product supply system through the development of the bio pharmaceutical industry

Establishing a health service system with Chinese characteristics through the development of modern Chinese Medicine

Setting up a life health management system by implementing the GHP plan


Solving the problem of food security through the development of new breeding technology

Solving agricultural problems through the development of biological economy industry

Through the establishment of bio Economic Community (Weiminghu commune) to solve the farmers and rural issues


Bio energy with the human for food, such as human and not compete for land, low cost, low price, through the biological activities, the food chain, water or other inorganic matter into combustible gas, ethanol, oil combustible liquid as the carrier of renewable energy.


Biological environmental protection focus on the three stage, based on the governance environment, protect the environment, focusing on business environment, relying on the bio economic system, in the first nationwide practice of "bio economic development community" mode, to create bio economy industrial chain, from a higher level of management and protection of the environment, realize the sustainable development of environment.


Biological service is one of the six major Weiming Group Investment Management in key areas, is the emerging field of development and the advantages of China world, mainly dedicated to the biotechnology industry to provide comprehensive, personalized and nanny service.


The use of biological intelligence technology itself and its innate structure of biological relationship model information, providing a new generation of cognitive logic information processing method, and machine learning and natural language reasoning, man-machine communication and machine machine communication tools, including DNA analysis comparison and protein function, efficient and accurate application.