About Us

Beijing sinobioway Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Weiming group) was founded in 1992, Peking University is one of the three major industry groups, the group is headquartered in Beijing Beijing north north of Old Summer Palace biological city, covers an area of 260 acres. It is mainly engaged in the establishment of Bioeconomic system and the development of Bioeconomic industry. It focuses on six areas: biomedicine, bio agriculture, bio energy, biological environmental protection, biological services, and biological intelligence. It has now become one of the flagship enterprises in China's modern biological industry and one of the most competitive enterprise groups in China.

Weiming group founded twenty years, adhering to the "science, industry country, healthy country" concept, is committed to the construction of "bio economic system, build the bio economy, forming a" flagship "innovative economy and unique development ideas, solid industrial base" three core strengths, made enormouspioneering and a breakthrough for the development of Chinese bio industry, has made remarkable achievements in the development process, China biological industry has created a number of "world first" and "first Chinese". Especially the Weiming group has established the world's first bio economy (including Bio economic theory, biological economic model and bio economy industry), has become the source of world Weiming biological economy.

Weiming group will through "the method of capital control, the realization of" life world "capital", "strategic thinking that genes dominate the life" the true meaning; in accordance with the "one step two step, strategic planning to achieve three dream": the creation of biological economy system, solve the problems and solve Chinese health China the problem. To achieve the creation of a economic system, cultivate a leading enterprises, triggered a revolution in the industry to create a target, Weiming bio economic era flagship, contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to explore the road of world economic development and innovation of the road, the road of sustainable development of human peace!